Privacy policy

At we take privacy and data security very seriously. We believe in the right of our customers to know which data is collected, for what purpose and also in the right of our customers to control this data and remove it if they wish so. In accordance with our beliefs, we make great effort to ensure the transparency of the methods with which we process your data and how we ensure it is kept secure and confidential.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Privacy
Which data do you collect?

We only collect data which is required for the functioning of the XpenseBee app. We keep the following data about the users of this app:

Data entered by the user like amount, date, description etc.
Name & e-mail address for personalization
local settings (timezone, date format, currency)
GPS location of your(if you choose to allow)
Data collected by Admob to serve ads
What do you use the data for?

The data is used for the functioning of the XpenseBee app.
The financial data is stored on secured cloud so you have logs about what, when and how much you have spent. Based on that we can also draw graphs and produce other statistics about your spending that you may find of interest.
Local settings are kept so we can properly display and maintain your expenses according to your local customs.

We reserve the right to conduct anonymous analysis and processing of the financial data stored on the app. This is to identify various interesting statistical data and find out more about spending habits in general. Such analysis is always done on an anonymous basis and does not include any of your personal data that could be used to identify you is included. We may share such anonymous and aggregated data with our partners or general public.

We value your privacy and will never sell
your personal information to anyone.

How do you protect the data and ensure secrecy?

We take many precautions and enforce safety measures to ensure that your data is kept confidential and secure.

Your personal data is stored in our secure cloud database.
We never send sensitive information in plain text
Data transmited over SSL are encrypted one.
only employees may access the data on the servers
How long do you keep the data?
Your expense data is kept as long as you use app, You can request account deletation whenever you wish so.