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Ultimate app to manage your income, expenses & household budget effortlessly.

Expense Tracker & Budget Planner
Expense reports
Why Xpensebee

Smarter and easier

With XpenseBee app, financial management becomes quick and easy, all thanks to a professionally designed interface that offers you immediate access to all features that you want.

Core Features

Amazing Apps Features

If you plan to track your Money & save more each month, then you must choose Xpensebee.

Expense Tracking

Track expenses easily by categorizing them into different categories.

Budget Planning

Ability to set monthly budgets & distribute it to different categories.

Reports and Insights

Generates reports to understand spending patterns and save more.

Full Customization

Currency, Month start, Catetgories & Reports Customize it as you want.

Why Choose Us

More cool feature that actually help you

Tracking the expenses and making sure that you know what you spend and how you spend it is a true delight. It’s a necessary thing to do and one that will bring you extraordinary results. With the help of Xpensebee expense tracking is not only very simple, it’s also reliable and very easy to perform unlike never before. It’s the best method that allows you to record transactions with all of their details, all while having the opportunity to explore all the expense patterns!

Budget Management

allow you to set a lumpsum monthly budget and distribute it to various categories, which help you to control your spending month by month.

Detailed Reports

provides detailed reports and charts that show you where your money is going. This can help you identify areas where you may be overspending.

Expense Tracker & Budget Planner
Monthly budget planning
Restly Shape
Made Easy Way

We Provide Both Solutions In One Application

You no longer need to use separate applications for expense tracking and budget planning. XpenseBee simplifies managing both tasks by offering a single, easy-to-use mobile app.

Expense Tracking

Tracking expenses easily by categorizing them into different categories. add notes and payment types to provide more context.

Budget Planning

Setting a lumpsum monthly budgets and distribute it to different categories of expenses to receive notifications when we are close to reaching limit.


What Our Clients Say About Xpensebee

"Is very convenient because it has so many categories already in the App which you can use or edit as you would like."

Mike Ross

Associates of Salesr

"This app is the easiest and cleanest app for a expense management. I recommend it for anyone who just wanting a simple way to remember what they spend and when."

Jesica Lopez

Financial Advisorr

"Very pleased with budget feature that I can set and allocate it in different categories. Very quick to see how much you spent so far."

Deb Mills